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Merry Christmas to all my readers of my blog

In recent days there has been two events in the news which we discuss and one our member was very passion.

we talked about social services cuts in sefton over day centres that they want to close in 2016. But the Freda fighters had very strong opinion on this tory government are going after the vulnerable and disabled and elderly.

Butting more stress on the carersWhere they are going to go.Putting more responsible on the charities.We feel that we are getting discrimmation, against because we are vunerable. 
They need to listen to us and not ingrone us, because we know best.

For the Human Being:

 We would like to see bigger signs in hospitals and Buses and Trains.

 Be treat with respect and change attudties to towards us.

Freda would like to see:

We are not second class citzerns show be treat has equals.
Don't pick on usShow everyone you see with respectDon't DiscrimationGive us helping a handMove out of way if you see someone in wheelchair and let then on the bus or train first…

Freda Talking Points

Our group welcome back two members that have been through a lot. The group was very compassion because they were going through hard times in their familes.
A member of the our group mention how to get hold of a toliet card go on to google and search for bladder and bowel foundation it costs £5.00.
A member of the group mention a united respone into a campagin to encourage people with learning disabilities vote and it is important part of life because we are standing up for our country and walk of the life.
A member of a group is following a big story on facebook which is very relevent the to freda prinples. Fairness, Respect, Equality, Dignity, Automony and we would like to be able to help.
Two members of are waiting on news about work that we did back Aug 2011.
Edge hill has two students coming to visit our group and been ask to to go and talked dubridge day centre.

Freda and Politics and affairs

Freda Fighters got to meet to two students that going to be learning disability nurses from Edge Hill university in Lancashire. Some our staff have left our group and went on to do other things with in the trust.

A member of group brought up politics which was a good thing to mention with the Scotland refedrum no result, and not many people with a learning disability how to vote it feels like they need to taught how do it with a understanding person by there side to show this important right. Everyone has the right to Vote regardless of your race or religion or age or disability.

The group talked about the Labour conference which was during the week that was on. Ed middle ban idea of going after rich in the society and introducing a tax on mansion the group thought about Freda and how it fitted in so the group had bit of role where one of student nurse said she had brought a 3million pound house and member of group had a flat on the prom in southport. So we decide has a group we go a…

Freda Fighters will listen to you

The group was asked a serious of questions of what is going on in the news and recently events that have been going on in Rotherham our group thought it was a approatie to do so because our stories that are on dvd maybe or may not in relation or not.

People who don't know what freda stands for






Question was put a around the room:

What would freda say?

Freda would say it is wrong on so many levels They showed no resepect or dignity towards the vitctims it makes us think of celebrites like Roff Haris and jimmy S.

on a good note now

Elizabeth Margaret Pilkington went into Women's hosptial in liverpool were freda use to and staff they did follow to the.

Two members of group are through hard times at monment one has lost their mum and one who is very ill at the monment.

The Health Passport

We had three new members to our group this month which is nice to see.

Don't worry i will explain to you what is a health passport.

Everyone who has learning disabilities should have annual health check every year with out fail and some doctors surgerys don't know about it.

We had a lady called Tracey Reed he job is healthcare facitilties who works in nhs for sefton area north sefton right up to aintree. Here is fact for you that they don't want you to know 7 half mintutes for a doctors appointment which i feel is it long enough for us to understand our gps because sometimes they used a lot of jargon too us.

I mention that hosptial signs are starting to get better and they using signs with pictures and looking at to improve then. Their are volunteer in hosptial to help us if we need then and also every clinic should have a nurse standing at the desk to how long the waiting time is you have to wait for your appointant.

on Health Passport:

I never heard off it until yesterday…

Here is a postive experience had a at aintree nhs hosptial:

I went for a appointant i feel they need invesenment in signs which are bigger and they where bigger everyone would be able to read then. I feel very strongly about this it gets on my nerves the departments are not clear their signs need to made bigger.

I was nervous before hand went too for my appointant the staff at the deparment for ultrasound where excellent they could see if was feeling very anixous inside and male nurse put my easied and also pretender to write it on his hand he made of joke of it when was being serious about the signs. I had the support of jacky who is amazing a lady who works for merseycare nhs trust.


I was able to push our fairness respect equality and dignity automony.

Freda and human rights side of her:

30 April 2014

I recently visit erddig house in Wrexham would like they had excellent facitilies for people with disabilities and their sides where on green back and white text face it help me and the map they gave us was very good indeed. 
There was a discussion on GP one of groups learning disability carers group and few comments waiting for appointment and the experiences where very similar. It actually got me thinking how tackle this problem would need more training given and longer appointment times would be good for us and more training on learning disabilities and receptionist stop then answering personal questions. 
We got to meet the new group standing up for yourself yesterday, which was quite nice indeed. 
The netherton feel good factory which are excellent following through with my recommends that signs needed to be change from a white back and to yellow background they have done so and it was a smarter to also it easier to see.
Our group has been asked too look at ways to…

Freda is way of life for us:

I have been to few doctors appointment over the past month and that is reason why haven't had chance to write last month. 
Our Group:
I have been put on the mersey cares front page which is amazing and our dvd premier. Our group had discussion about the people first in Australia which is important to us all and we felt that freda dvd could help people with disabilities over there and also we believe in human rights for all.
Our group was a ask by a local community center called the Freda Fighters so went around with Sandra Duncan who is important lady Sheila the person who is in charge of building the signs that was important fire exit sign to be put on light blue background so people with black writing and made big and so people know where go in emergency. The signs on the stairs and their posters are excellent because some writing are capitals. The signs on are all be put on yellow background with black writting and arrow pointing the them in right direction.
We have ask by nerth…

The Freda comes in all front throughout the life:

I decided to show a older the people the DVD pre human rights to see their reactions and plus it come up some discussion and plus was able to explain the reasons behind the dvd the stories that the attention was the one about the doctors where they broke the confidential of that person.

They talk from about their isolation and aloneness that came across in both communities of learning disabled and older people and the same interests shouldn't stop them from engaging with us on common land.

Two weeks later I got the chance to attend a meeting olive mount which is very confidential and got to speak to Ben Thomas department of health and told him about this important blog that I write about I hope he takes on board. I also gave him a cope of DVD hopefully government we told him that nursing module should be made longer so they. I even felt that Freda should be taught to the older population also and we requested better larger hospitals signs and also requested special waiting areas.…