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Hello to all my Freda fighters followers

Over the past month have had a lot of appointant regarding my health, had two reviews on my medications. The keywords to Freda are fairness respect equality dignity automony becaus it gives indicates to me how to rate then.
I feel like a second class citzern and the politictations do make us feel that we are dirt on their shoes United Kingdom leaving European Union are rights protected or not and it is worrying time.
I think people with a disability should be treated with more respect and include us in discussing the important issues with and help us in our interests and our confidence will improve. Some people are being lock away from reality the families and assessment units and the staff in some cases are not looking after properly, Freda is very angry about this human right point of view the respect or dignity the  more of that. The families have a Facebook called seven days of actions kit talks about their experiences it gives you insight sign petitions.
In the recents in America th…