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Merry Christmas and happy new year

Freda wants to share her thoughts about our rights.

We all have same rights like everyone else.

We need to spread the word that people with disabilities need to be taken seriously and our opinions need to be taken into account.

We all need to keep on spreading the word on human rights and standing up for our rights and get governments to make then listen stop taking money off us and stop then taking our services away, taking our lives away.

Sharing our stories and experiences.

Freda is coming more important in lives

We also looking into putting leaflet together for community focus team were we are based  because we more awareness of learning disability and autism.

We also need to help to bring people back to the families like , Chris and Tianze and follow their campain on line I believe should be with families.

You can great video blog on autism  by lady who is spreturm and found it to be very useful and also author temple grandin it is also brilliant.

Please be careful online and can also recommed National Austitic society not auitism speaks.






We are all important very unique and different is a good thing not a bad thing.

For a little boy Bobby and buddy is best friend

I came across a story on Facebook about a dog called daisy who was purpose to be trained has autism dog. I alert a my cousin wife Joanne about because they got a dog call buddy from the same people which service dogs Europe they spam her family out of £4,000 for a dog who they have since a pup called buddy her son Bobby is non verbal buddy his best friend. I know that Freda would not be happy I think she would disgusted with it especially taking money from vulnerable people we know that Freda stands fairness respect equality dignity automony.  I am really angry manage to get in the national newspaper stand up for people with autism we are not second class citizens.

Bobby and buddy so they buddy train has autism support dog for bobby to raise money

Here is a update on Bobby and buddy

welcome to August freda fighters

Welcome ladies and gentlemen and the new people come a long to read my blog it is exiting to see the countries that am reaching.

I would like to mention a local charity that is shy lowen horse and pony they are amazing work they take on horses that they resuce and they rehomed and they have scheme for supporters to sponspor a horses they understand people with disablilties The horse are treated freda prinples that shows through the high quality of work that they do.

I met a lady from bbc
at shy lowen on 23rd august 2015 and told then about our dvd.

on to our meeting our group have been busy bees tracking down a piece of work that two members that did right in the beginging of our group. Even think that we are getting our voice out there more often makes changes.

We also got to meet Steph the student nurse, been invited in November to speak to the edge hill college students nurses. 
Fairness RespectEqualityDignityAutomony
Please listen to refreegs that coming from war …

The new base

Our new place is within the Hesketh centre in southport and we have our own front door, we ring door bell to get in the staff have a pass code. We walked straight up and walk through and turn left into activity one they have a quiet room. I felt relax there and there was a relaxing astomphere.

We were ask as a group to volunteer for Merseycare most of our group said yes. I had quite made my mind up.

In the news stop the government taking away our independent living fund away from serve disability we are not second class citizens that you make us out to be. Freda is very angry on this her voice wants to be bearded also.

Freda stands up for fairness respect equality dignity autonomy.

We help other people with learning disabilities or Auistim not being listen too to help tinaze and Chris and Eden home his  family want him home because they are so scared for him being in a special need hospital and want everyone to sign petition online to help to bring him home to his family.

Mencap are …

Freda consultation

The Freda fighters can now confirm that community focus team is moving too the Hesketh centre. The group has be shown photograph, of the new place they will have for their mini bus also a place for the gardening.

Care quality commission are inspectors to the learning disability service, Freda and the group say that our group is close knit the staff are excellent doing their job and they are great for understanding our needs.

Stand up and be counted for freda.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen of the world who read my blog.

Over the past month our group has a been busy presenting our dvd to edge hill university and feedback has come back they would like our group to attend their service user for new nurses.

The united kingdom is in season of the Election were we all have right to vote. We all need to fight the goverment on disabilities issues which can effect us all stop then from taking our rights away making us feel like a second class citzerns.







Their has been a petition on the kevin healney page make sure you signed it because it has some good reasons stop cyber bullying from taking place and also twitter accredited and also the newspaper article of Denise Welsh and a katie hospkins and a to make her apolosige please can you sign the petition.

We would like see Freda roll out over the world were adults with disabilities need to be with families and people need to understand that we need to be …

Quick hello

happy easter from all the Freda fighters and have fun and enjoy your Easter eggs too.

Catch up with freda Fighters

The group have a bit of good news that community focus team is moving too hesketh centre in the southport to bassment the merseycare nhs trust thought a long a and hard about this decison, we were currently in building which dosen't have disabled access the group how have that.

Norman Lamb department health mp has come out with a learning disably rights with mental health and ask for our opinions which is important to us all because finally the goverment is taking us seriously and feel so proud.

Two members of team are leaving us wish then good luck for the future. General Election coming up and remember to vote because important to do so. We don't want any of our services cut because freda would very angry indeed.

Liverpool afternoon disco for people with disabilities are sort in their new home it shows that the news and my blog works and even gets results.

freda means to us all:






Everyone votes counts to stop their cuts:

Happy New Year 2015

Everyone has the right vote in the general election. People with disabilities should have the right the vote every countries in the world. It is more important now then ever.

I want to see change attiduies towards eldery and people with disabilties for polictions to listen to us every sector of society.

I would like to see trolls to be jailed and stop cyber bullying it is needs to be challenge stop it and internet providers need to take it more serious.

In general all important more that accessible building and more biggers signs in hopstials and other public building they all make it law, for all company.

I need to see more being done in support serivices to help carers of adults and children with disabilties and see put forward the unsung heros.

I always try to write my blog with a lot of passion and it hate seeing people with learning disabilties getting things that wrong. I feel we should listen to more and goverment have a dutie of care to us and our families…