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All our the invited guests came to watch the DVD at Ramanda ocean plaza in Southport the room we had was superb it had facilitate that had teas and coffee while we waited for our guests arrived. They loaded the computer which was working fine in a few into our dvd the computer decided it would crashed.

The technical hitch lasted about 20mins two members of the staff had to get a wire was anxious wait. The late arrival of the group from bridging farm in southport it was amazing to see other people and we had a student a police officer.

A member of staff which went off to have a baby came to late. I stood and gave a important speech about my blog promontional the staff bossess thought it was brillent and gave me a sense of achivement it gave a sense of proud.

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Freda is in everyday life

Our 27th November 2013 meeting at community focus team. A member of our group was talking about a new item of that caught his eye some of agree with him and disagree. We also a student learning disability nurse and contribute to our discussion.

Mersey Care have gave us a date for our premier for our DVD 18th December which is being held in Southport in England. I am going to make a speech about our blog and it is readers to the people. I am looking foreward to writting my speech.

The main reasons why?

I have believe in Freda Fairness Respect Equality Dignity Autonomy and want to share the it will world and to use it in everyday life.

Change people attitude towards people with learning disability.

I have made contacts:

Stop hate learning disability which is help line for people with learning disability to  report hate crime.

Save manchester learning disabilities studies.



kevin Healney autism campaign and it want to stops cyber bullying and bullying which is wrong ever…

Good news regarding our dvd

The group receive the news about our big launch of dvd and it was a great feeling to have. The freda fighters are getting to listen more. I even feel that some gps need to listen to their patient very careful sometimes they can syptoms and also listen to us and support the our parnets and carers.

Freda Fighters

We are all great bunch of people to get a long with. this month meeting is about be ask to attend day centers we are going to talk about Freda fighters, we also mention going to in schools give then chat about Freda and help to change the their attitudes towards people with learning disabilities.

mega convesation event blog

On the 13th September 2013 two our members of the group attend inportant event for merseycare nhs trust to help then to give then some inportant feedback how service can be run better in future and also help then with freda. 

Freda Fighters

Here we all are during our presentation of ourfreda fighter dvd and become all the other group that attend us from the group. Our group is here to help you and the organization to help people with learning disabilities and our dvd is meant for you out there.

Please feel free to e-mail:

I will pass it on to our fredafighters group because we feel very strongly about the fairness respect equality dignity and autonomy and if you feel that could help your group in any way shape your form, The group has attended a conference where we have spoken about our dvd.

Freda will listen to you

We all met up on 24th July 2013 at the Community Focus team.

A  new lady came to join our group which was a pleasure to have her and also a policeman from Merseyside police was there. The Freda gave him one of our DVDs which was an important step to help the people understand learning disability.

The fredaprincles are important throughout the centuries lets think back to slavery, people from different parts of the world, and they didn't have any dingnity or respect. Our human right the right tolife is more important than ever.

our group can help with organisations about companies about freda and help other people.

freda here to help.

We have met up 29th may 2013. I would like to say a big thank you to all our readers of freda fighters blog been going now for 8 months. Kevin Healney has a campagin and the fredafighters are backing him.

The group was impress with the amount hits that blog gets on a monthly bases. We have been putting the word out to say that signs need to be bigger including Buses station and trains station.

The group went over march minutes.

One of our members has a little dedate online about public transport companies the chance to train staff in disability awarness. We are looking at ways to towards people with disability.

We have now have followers of Twitter also.

Can help organisation with human rights your help with training and here our e-mail is

Freda dvd copies.

Welcome to Freda fighters blog this month.

Two members of our group were invited on Monday 22nd April 2013 to attend a service user and carers run by John Moores university physiology department our opinions were important to them and vote on how service has helped us.
On Wednesday 24th April 2013 our group has been we are a close knit community and friendships have developed we had a little celebrate our group member's birthday and one were saying goodbye to a member of staff going on have a baby.
Has a group we mentioned that GP should be more bored with what we do. We got our copy of the dvd and we show to our families they also thought it was on a powerful dvd it came through even in our living room. 
Please read our blog and come back:

Stand up and be counted with freda

Hello to regular viewers of the blog.

We arrived by taxis around 2.45pm to attend this month's meeting a new Freda group was just starting up for the new people. So we came in and they ask us some questions which we thought it was an excellent idea.

So I went ahead and explain my blog to the group that thought would a be a good idea and also found that my own confidence had grown too and we explain that our group remain friends and think of ourselves like a little Freda fighter community. So we explained that we attended conferences and positive achievements in Aintree racehorse and mention our power dvd ladies and gentlemen.

If you remember I talk you through how to relate to Freda fairness, respect, equality, dignity, autonomy do you feel that you're getting listen too because every country has a sliver lining.

We went through our minutes from last month which was quite important thing to do for our group it refresh our brains. I would a moment to thank a lady learning disa…

Teaching other about Freda

The Freda fighters met up on 27th February 2013. 
One of our staff invited a student nurse to sit in on our group. The group explain how the Freda has help us to stand up for our human rights it was like we were teaching him about Freda.
The student nurse explain to us was a told to human right paper and gave him some basic rights. The local university and students were not quite prepare and our group thought it would be a good idea to invited then back so our group could teach then.
A lady came in to discuss a project that the staff in Liverpool were doing to help give thinking of coming up with a toolkit for dentist and GP and hospitals through Freda would be taught to then.
Our group discuss the options of venues for our group to hold our premiere of dvd the plaza in waterloo and feel-good factory.
Thank you for reading my Freda fighters blog. 
our e-mail 
we can help other people to stand up for their rights too. 

January and freda fighters

we all met up on 30th January 2013:

We had a new member join our group yesterday, he gave us a good first impression. we all felt so happy to see one another. One of member of staff in the group is in talks with a film festival to show our film that would be good idea because we want to help people learning disability about their human rights.

We have a bit of good new regarding our possible launch of DVD we going currently looking at venues were it could be seen. All have discuss and as a group at venues that could hold up to 250 people. We have want to invite our families to see the our DVD.

"Because we belief that our dvd has a powerful message attached to it."

We are happy to help other organisations?

Please tell me what you think of this blog?

new year 2013

Happy  new year to all my blog readers.

i appreciate your support.