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Freda in healthcare and hosptials.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen of the world. Everyone is included regardless of race and sex and disability.

Aintree Hospital:

I recently had an experience of going to aintree hospital. I had noticed the signs where the same and their was map to small for people with sights problems or dyslexia it was not clear where the clinics were and think it should be blown up for people to read used a colour code your picture next to it so people with autism and learning disability could understand. I like the improved where no smell of hosptial using the smell of coffee to patients to buy it.

I like the way decor has pictures on the wall and it is fast improved and you trying to patients are eased it is working it yours signs on the corridors are too small and when their information on the handout look at big text so the patient can read it.

Clinic F was the Early stages of Arthritis.

The staff are amazing the reasonable adjustments were made for me having autism and had notice they had a board …