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How freda listens to voice of people with disablity

Here is a little bit of history:

Our Freda fighters group has been going for five years now. The keywords are very important to us all who are apart of our group and staff we worked with it. By sharing our stories the group grew a lot more closer. I started to write my blog 40 months ago and wanted to change people minds and stand up and be counted.

How Freda listen to us:

We discuss human rights and animals rights

We can consult on leaflets

Listen to people concerns around disability.

Helps people to stand up and be counted.

Sometimes we sign petitions and write to our member of parliament and sometimes we get reply and sometimes we don't.

keywords, Fairness respect equality dignity autonomy.

We can attended conferences and show our dvd to then.

We can help with putting questionnaire together

We can help putting something into easy read.

We can consult on signs which you think is important.


We see quite often people with disabilities not being listen too by a numerous times. I do certainly think we should say "No" to being like second class citzern.

I personally think doctors and consultants and nurses need better training in disabilities in general and also aware that they do one module in it which I think is totally wrong on so many levels.

Stop locking up the vunerable adults with learning disabilities they should be with there families and it heart breaking for then and think about their they want then to come home. You get services that are not up to scratch because unfunded.

It dose take me a long time to adjust to new places and the people around me and anxiety management course has help me with that and other times it hasn't. close knit group who understands one and another and see things are a different aspect.

Their has been instances recently of disabled people were been out in public and getting on bus and drivers have been very mean to then b…