Freda is way of life for us:

I have been to few doctors appointment over the past month and that is reason why haven't had chance to write last month. 

Our Group:

I have been put on the mersey cares front page which is amazing and our dvd premier. Our group had discussion about the people first in Australia which is important to us all and we felt that freda dvd could help people with disabilities over there and also we believe in human rights for all.

Our group was a ask by a local community center called the Freda Fighters so went around with Sandra Duncan who is important lady Sheila the person who is in charge of building the signs that was important fire exit sign to be put on light blue background so people with black writing and made big and so people know where go in emergency. The signs on the stairs and their posters are excellent because some writing are capitals. The signs on are all be put on yellow background with black writting and arrow pointing the them in right direction.

We have ask by nertherton crime prevition team at coppy lane police station to help with then the hate crime that i and collegue of mine are going to be involed just waiting on details. We also mencap learning disability coarle has ask genetlenmen to attend our group which is excellent news for us a and also.  one of the group explained to us about other ideas that groups have been invloed around hate crime. 

My Gp is starting to understand me that little bit better now and also genecology was a nice person who talked to me and not my mum which did have me feel a better and also help him by filling in feedback form for him which i thought was pleased to do it. 


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