Freda and human rights side of her:

30 April 2014

I recently visit erddig house in Wrexham would like they had excellent facitilies for people with disabilities and their sides where on green back and white text face it help me and the map they gave us was very good indeed. 

There was a discussion on GP one of groups learning disability carers group and few comments waiting for appointment and the experiences where very similar. It actually got me thinking how tackle this problem would need more training given and longer appointment times would be good for us and more training on learning disabilities and receptionist stop then answering personal questions. 

We got to meet the new group standing up for yourself yesterday, which was quite nice indeed. 

The netherton feel good factory which are excellent following through with my recommends that signs needed to be change from a white back and to yellow background they have done so and it was a smarter to also it easier to see.

Our group has been asked too look at ways to presentation our work to other organisations and some training around human rights to help to understand people with learning disabilities which is good because it will be day.

We have been ask by chief exceutie to come to our group to disscuss changes to service. 

The recovery college have ask our group go over their curriculm for their courses and look at ways of introducting to the learning disabilitiy service

Here is our



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