Freda Talking Points

Our group welcome back two members that have been through a lot. The group was very compassion because they were going through hard times in their familes.

A member of the our group mention how to get hold of a toliet card go on to google and search for bladder and bowel foundation it costs £5.00.

A member of the group mention a united respone into a campagin to encourage people with learning disabilities vote and it is important part of life because we are standing up for our country and walk of the life.

A member of a group is following a big story on facebook which is very relevent the to freda prinples. Fairness, Respect, Equality, Dignity, Automony and we would like to be able to help.

Two members of are waiting on news about work that we did back Aug 2011.

Edge hill has two students coming to visit our group and been ask to to go and talked dubridge day centre. 


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