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Merry Christmas to all my readers of my blog

In recent days there has been two events in the news which we discuss and one our member was very passion.

we talked about social services cuts in sefton over day centres that they want to close in 2016. But the Freda fighters had very strong opinion on this tory government are going after the vulnerable and disabled and elderly.

Butting more stress on the carersWhere they are going to go.Putting more responsible on the charities.We feel that we are getting discrimmation, against because we are vunerable. 
They need to listen to us and not ingrone us, because we know best.

For the Human Being:

 We would like to see bigger signs in hospitals and Buses and Trains.

 Be treat with respect and change attudties to towards us.

Freda would like to see:

We are not second class citzerns show be treat has equals.
Don't pick on usShow everyone you see with respectDon't DiscrimationGive us helping a handMove out of way if you see someone in wheelchair and let then on the bus or train first…