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Teaching other about Freda

The Freda fighters met up on 27th February 2013. 
One of our staff invited a student nurse to sit in on our group. The group explain how the Freda has help us to stand up for our human rights it was like we were teaching him about Freda.
The student nurse explain to us was a told to human right paper and gave him some basic rights. The local university and students were not quite prepare and our group thought it would be a good idea to invited then back so our group could teach then.
A lady came in to discuss a project that the staff in Liverpool were doing to help give thinking of coming up with a toolkit for dentist and GP and hospitals through Freda would be taught to then.
Our group discuss the options of venues for our group to hold our premiere of dvd the plaza in waterloo and feel-good factory.
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we can help other people to stand up for their rights too.