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Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the freda fighters blog.

I would like discuss something i think it is important to us all out there. Around the world human rights are very important to us all.

Has you aware that liverpool football club got throw to the final which is amazing to think that.

We should be celebrate our 100 years of women movement.

Autism fest in america if i was you check autism live youtube page and watch their videos because then to inspiring.

I recently arrived temple grandin and antia and finding so interesting to read and it help me.

I also think that people disabilities just making you aware of cold callers that want to take your money and do not give then your bank details. Because it is important to tell someone you trust.

We need better healthcare right around the world and allow this happen in countries that need us.

Animals need to best healthcare too like to give a huge big shout out to Sasha Resuce looking after a french bull dog called Hugo dogs like him S…