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Stand up and speak out

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Freda fighters blog

This month want to point out to you the way people disabilities are getting treatment on our railways and public transport. Sara Harvey and was on her to wedding on the train going to wedding and guard on train working for northern rail decide to tell her that scooter wasn't allowed on the train.

In Russia there people being carry down escalators to get on the train that country that makes me mad on so many levels. Decimation is happening all over the world to people with disabilities.

why are they rights being ignored by authorises?

I think it is governments shouting their orders to the authorises and making us all suffer.

I have noticed now that hospitals are doing maps on the digitals means and it is in fact the signs are really tiny and small and you can see they do give instructions to and from clinic or ward. I think it could be improve by having feature were map is made bigger and larger text used.

We need more autistic…