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The new base

Our new place is within the Hesketh centre in southport and we have our own front door, we ring door bell to get in the staff have a pass code. We walked straight up and walk through and turn left into activity one they have a quiet room. I felt relax there and there was a relaxing astomphere.

We were ask as a group to volunteer for Merseycare most of our group said yes. I had quite made my mind up.

In the news stop the government taking away our independent living fund away from serve disability we are not second class citizens that you make us out to be. Freda is very angry on this her voice wants to be bearded also.

Freda stands up for fairness respect equality dignity autonomy.

We help other people with learning disabilities or Auistim not being listen too to help tinaze and Chris and Eden home his  family want him home because they are so scared for him being in a special need hospital and want everyone to sign petition online to help to bring him home to his family.

Mencap are …

Freda consultation

The Freda fighters can now confirm that community focus team is moving too the Hesketh centre. The group has be shown photograph, of the new place they will have for their mini bus also a place for the gardening.

Care quality commission are inspectors to the learning disability service, Freda and the group say that our group is close knit the staff are excellent doing their job and they are great for understanding our needs.