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January and freda fighters

we all met up on 30th January 2013:

We had a new member join our group yesterday, he gave us a good first impression. we all felt so happy to see one another. One of member of staff in the group is in talks with a film festival to show our film that would be good idea because we want to help people learning disability about their human rights.

We have a bit of good new regarding our possible launch of DVD we going currently looking at venues were it could be seen. All have discuss and as a group at venues that could hold up to 250 people. We have want to invite our families to see the our DVD.

"Because we belief that our dvd has a powerful message attached to it."

We are happy to help other organisations?

Please tell me what you think of this blog?

new year 2013

Happy  new year to all my blog readers.

i appreciate your support.