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Catch up with freda Fighters

The group have a bit of good news that community focus team is moving too hesketh centre in the southport to bassment the merseycare nhs trust thought a long a and hard about this decison, we were currently in building which dosen't have disabled access the group how have that.

Norman Lamb department health mp has come out with a learning disably rights with mental health and ask for our opinions which is important to us all because finally the goverment is taking us seriously and feel so proud.

Two members of team are leaving us wish then good luck for the future. General Election coming up and remember to vote because important to do so. We don't want any of our services cut because freda would very angry indeed.

Liverpool afternoon disco for people with disabilities are sort in their new home it shows that the news and my blog works and even gets results.

freda means to us all: