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Freda Fighters will listen to you

The group was asked a serious of questions of what is going on in the news and recently events that have been going on in Rotherham our group thought it was a approatie to do so because our stories that are on dvd maybe or may not in relation or not.

People who don't know what freda stands for






Question was put a around the room:

What would freda say?

Freda would say it is wrong on so many levels They showed no resepect or dignity towards the vitctims it makes us think of celebrites like Roff Haris and jimmy S.

on a good note now

Elizabeth Margaret Pilkington went into Women's hosptial in liverpool were freda use to and staff they did follow to the.

Two members of group are through hard times at monment one has lost their mum and one who is very ill at the monment.