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The Health Passport

We had three new members to our group this month which is nice to see.

Don't worry i will explain to you what is a health passport.

Everyone who has learning disabilities should have annual health check every year with out fail and some doctors surgerys don't know about it.

We had a lady called Tracey Reed he job is healthcare facitilties who works in nhs for sefton area north sefton right up to aintree. Here is fact for you that they don't want you to know 7 half mintutes for a doctors appointment which i feel is it long enough for us to understand our gps because sometimes they used a lot of jargon too us.

I mention that hosptial signs are starting to get better and they using signs with pictures and looking at to improve then. Their are volunteer in hosptial to help us if we need then and also every clinic should have a nurse standing at the desk to how long the waiting time is you have to wait for your appointant.

on Health Passport:

I never heard off it until yesterday…