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Health of community of Autism

Welcome ladies and gentlemen of the freda fighters:

I would like to say big thank you Sara and Liam who runs a great group on Facebook for people with autism because she very valuable  to the community has a whole, a place where we can feel safe and also parents can ask questions and gives then insight to autism too.

I have also want to point out to you that people who are different and unique don't need any more cuts to services because your causing isolated in most cases and your stop us live independent too and for full living lives.

I have a got a idea which want to share with you online.

People need to get their head autism in modern day healthcare because we do want to be treated with respect and dignity shown to us. We don't want to be shouted at because we are asking questions how we have to wait. I can suggest to the world that quiet space were sensory input would appreciate.

There should be extra module for nurses and doctors and consultants have more training aroun…