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Freda is coming more important in lives

We also looking into putting leaflet together for community focus team were we are based  because we more awareness of learning disability and autism.

We also need to help to bring people back to the families like , Chris and Tianze and follow their campain on line I believe should be with families.

You can great video blog on autism  by lady who is spreturm and found it to be very useful and also author temple grandin it is also brilliant.

Please be careful online and can also recommed National Austitic society not auitism speaks.






We are all important very unique and different is a good thing not a bad thing.

For a little boy Bobby and buddy is best friend

I came across a story on Facebook about a dog called daisy who was purpose to be trained has autism dog. I alert a my cousin wife Joanne about because they got a dog call buddy from the same people which service dogs Europe they spam her family out of £4,000 for a dog who they have since a pup called buddy her son Bobby is non verbal buddy his best friend. I know that Freda would not be happy I think she would disgusted with it especially taking money from vulnerable people we know that Freda stands fairness respect equality dignity automony.  I am really angry manage to get in the national newspaper stand up for people with autism we are not second class citizens.

Bobby and buddy so they buddy train has autism support dog for bobby to raise money

Here is a update on Bobby and buddy