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Getting together for Freda fighters christmas

Our group had a little bit of business to get out of the way first. Some our group want to do interviews for the staff for merseycare. Our DVD is having a little changes made to it. Our feedback from the conference from aintree was excellent right through the board and the colleagues. We listen to our christmas music and cards and eat mince pies yule chocolate cake and some fruit. 
Merry christmas and happy new year to all our reading on the blogg. 
Please get in touch you can leave comment on our bloggs you know. 

Conference at Aintree Racehorse


The Freda fighters got invited to aintree racehorse to show their DVD in the conference on 22nd November 2012. We all felt like celebrities sitting on stage a member of our staff introduce our DVD it felt so powerful and inspire to continue with our journey, and plus the blog got mention.

A lady came up to us and told us that her son was screenwriter and should be on television and get it commission and it felt that was a going to be great idea.

We attend a workshop for Freda challenge is a board game where people can learn about human rights and it was produced by Liverpool group.

Watch our Powerful DVD

Thank you to everyone that has read our freda fighters blog, All appreciation your support. We do want to change preception of people with learning disabilities.

Our Experiences: On 14th November we met up at community focus team in Southport. Where a member of staff told us that our DVD was ready to for us to see. 
Where we has separate in the fairness, respect,Equality,Dignity, Autonomy. The Freda Fighters had decide to do a DVD that our experiences where important.
 A member of our group had gone to her doctor and went on her own and broke down crying the next the day her doctor rang her mother got a phone call made her feel angry and broke her confidence to see GP and felt she was felt that was getting listen too.
A member of our group was being Bully on the bus another member of had a sign stuck to his back was being totally being cruel and it made them to feel sad and scared anxious and not wanting to leaving the house. 
On our trip to slavery museum in Liverpool of our freda f…

Listen To us

Freda Fighters would like to thank everyone who took the time to read our Freda fighters blog we hope it has been useful to you.

On 17th September 2012 the Freda fighters came together community focus team in Southport. We asked has a think up some questions for their bosses that are base at olive mount.

we gave some feedback regarding our that we put forward., two members of our group and one member of staff was apart of of a sub working grouping. one of our bottle up feeling within the circle and link with then arrow, also decided on two cats having a conversations throughout the ACAT Therapy with you.

The group have was also asked to local university to give a Freda fighters what we stand for.

We all came together on 17th October 2012.

The meet with the trainee and the head of physiology have met at conferences and at other events to do with Freda Fighters and also leadership board.

Our DVD is fianlly ready "Stand up for ourselves and our human rights The Freda Fighters".

Our group

Welcome to Freda fighters first blog on the 15th august 2012.

Our group meets every 4 weeks to discuss several of topics. We have known all of each other for a year now. An initial we came together to learn about our human rights and were we stood in the world.

The staff from the Community focus team in Southport England who work Mersey care are excellent an understanding our needs they support us at conferences and we even attend their away days and help other members of the learning disability teams based in Liverpool at Olive Mount also Hesketh centre in Southport.

Freda Stands for:


We all want to treat fairly when it comes to society:

R= Respect

We all want to show respect regardless of our age or race or religion or sex or disability.

E= Equality

Both for Male and Female and children.

D= Dignity

Everyone should treat with dignity and to be respectful.

A= Autonomy

We all want to make the right choice in life.

The group was asked today to look at some wording …

Welcome to freda

Freda Fighters:

Our group has been going for one whole year now and first of all we discuss our stories with the staff at community focus team in southport in uk. The taught the princles that our group stands up for and believe in when you say it out aloud it stays with you take the first letter of each of word and then what happens that needs to be explain or other way is to sound the the first letter out:

F= Fairness
R= Resepect
E= Equality
D= Dignty

We used too meet every week so felt so strongly that the group decided on doing a DVD for the world to see and make people who don't quite understand people with learning disabilities to listen to us.

Our group gets invited to conferences at and to see head boss with in merseycare and you do a get a sense that your being to listen too. The staff we have are so amazing and extra caring that we come away feeling confidence after our meets, and we all became friends their are few characters that make up our group.

We meet…