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Everyone has the right to be equal regardless of their age.

Everyone has the right to education

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Welcome ladies and gentlemen to freda fighters blog this month is about the way the cuts keep on coming on us disabled people.

I feel very strongly we should have a right to freedom of speech and watching politics on television the past few weeks. our lives are choice by the governments right around the world. They think want us feel like the second class citizen because we are not then people we have a voice too.

I have noticed this world has forgettion to support the people with disablities and different nations come together and support one a another.

Stop locking up auistic people up because of there challenge behaviour and allowd us to be listen too and value.

Disablity and scooter

I have feeling very strongly about the right to freedom of travel on public transport and it is important to us regardless of age.  We need to change opinions towards people with disability and their aids specially when training on public transport.

1. Make the bus accessible for the people with disabilities and look at more seating for first few rows it sounds like i mean business because i think it would be fair for elderly and people with disabilities and because of their mobility.

2. Scooter should be allowed on buses and taxis and trains because and public transport need to be allowed.

3 . Airports should be better policy when it comes to people with disability regarding wheelchairs and scooters to left at the gate.

We need to look at the countries that need to look at this too.

Stand up and speak out

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Freda fighters blog

This month want to point out to you the way people disabilities are getting treatment on our railways and public transport. Sara Harvey and was on her to wedding on the train going to wedding and guard on train working for northern rail decide to tell her that scooter wasn't allowed on the train.

In Russia there people being carry down escalators to get on the train that country that makes me mad on so many levels. Decimation is happening all over the world to people with disabilities.

why are they rights being ignored by authorises?

I think it is governments shouting their orders to the authorises and making us all suffer.

I have noticed now that hospitals are doing maps on the digitals means and it is in fact the signs are really tiny and small and you can see they do give instructions to and from clinic or ward. I think it could be improve by having feature were map is made bigger and larger text used.

We need more autistic…
Welcome ladies and gentlemen and followers of my blog.

The world eyes have been on united states of America. Freda means fairness respect equality dignity automony. Children being separate frim the parents is violation of right to family life. A main important human right.

Women rights have been proved to still be needed in countries like Saud Abraia are allowed to drive for the first time. Iran women are not to allowed to go football match they are going in Russia to see their world cup side.

Italy had a stop a ship full mirgirments are coming to in to port which I think on Freda would not be happy the right to freedom of movement. They actually got to dock in spain which is good of Spanish to do so.

Everyone round the world should live a peace and harmony.

Please read

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the freda fighters blog.

I would like discuss something i think it is important to us all out there. Around the world human rights are very important to us all.

Has you aware that liverpool football club got throw to the final which is amazing to think that.

We should be celebrate our 100 years of women movement.

Autism fest in america if i was you check autism live youtube page and watch their videos because then to inspiring.

I recently arrived temple grandin and antia and finding so interesting to read and it help me.

I also think that people disabilities just making you aware of cold callers that want to take your money and do not give then your bank details. Because it is important to tell someone you trust.

We need better healthcare right around the world and allow this happen in countries that need us.

Animals need to best healthcare too like to give a huge big shout out to Sasha Resuce looking after a french bull dog called Hugo dogs like him S…


Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen who come to my blog and enjoy reading it.

I wanted to share with you followers that i am autistic and dyslexic and try to write my blog with a point of view of human rights and standing up and being counted in the world web.

Just say want to say we get to the word out there Autism can be inspiring and inspirational on the planet and do enjoy reading temple grandin books and watch autism live and think they are amazing the way communicate to us video.

There is no need to lock us away because of disability allowed us to be a part of your community and allow us the education that we need and we meant need the extra support and process information differently to you.

1: Do need to get out there and access the health care all over the world and pass our knowledge on about our autism.

2: Allow us to express  our views has human being and we can be gentle and caring people if you let us.

3: When we were out traveling on public transport give us room to listen to…