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Stand up and be counted with freda

Hello to regular viewers of the blog.

We arrived by taxis around 2.45pm to attend this month's meeting a new Freda group was just starting up for the new people. So we came in and they ask us some questions which we thought it was an excellent idea.

So I went ahead and explain my blog to the group that thought would a be a good idea and also found that my own confidence had grown too and we explain that our group remain friends and think of ourselves like a little Freda fighter community. So we explained that we attended conferences and positive achievements in Aintree racehorse and mention our power dvd ladies and gentlemen.

If you remember I talk you through how to relate to Freda fairness, respect, equality, dignity, autonomy do you feel that you're getting listen too because every country has a sliver lining.

We went through our minutes from last month which was quite important thing to do for our group it refresh our brains. I would a moment to thank a lady learning disa…