The Freda comes in all front throughout the life:

I decided to show a older the people the DVD pre human rights to see their reactions and plus it come up some discussion and plus was able to explain the reasons behind the dvd the stories that the attention was the one about the doctors where they broke the confidential of that person.

They talk from about their isolation and aloneness that came across in both communities of learning disabled and older people and the same interests shouldn't stop them from engaging with us on common land.

Two weeks later I got the chance to attend a meeting olive mount which is very confidential and got to speak to Ben Thomas department of health and told him about this important blog that I write about I hope he takes on board. I also gave him a cope of DVD hopefully government we told him that nursing module should be made longer so they. I even felt that Freda should be taught to the older population also and we requested better larger hospitals signs and also requested special waiting areas. Don't merge mental health and learning disability service which would be a wrong thing to do. It came across to me a service user of Mersey care NHS trust are one leading in the way the approach the way with their eyes open to mental health. I think other hopstial should take this board also and the government also.

The Freda learning disability has been mention British instutie human rights booklet on human rights which is brilliant for the group and the Liverpool group and we are over the moon.

We feel has a group the important to get schools, primary secondary and also to write to the MP and the trust boards and community living magazine to get it on the television to show it article it would be a positive in negative on disabled community and GPS surgery.


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