Freda and Politics and affairs

Freda Fighters got to meet to two students that going to be learning disability nurses from Edge Hill university in Lancashire. Some our staff have left our group and went on to do other things with in the trust.

A member of group brought up politics which was a good thing to mention with the Scotland refedrum no result, and not many people with a learning disability how to vote it feels like they need to taught how do it with a understanding person by there side to show this important right. Everyone has the right to Vote regardless of your race or religion or age or disability.

The group talked about the Labour conference which was during the week that was on. Ed middle ban idea of going after rich in the society and introducing a tax on mansion the group thought about Freda and how it fitted in so the group had bit of role where one of student nurse said she had brought a 3million pound house and member of group had a flat on the prom in southport. So we decide has a group we go after the student nurse could rent some her bedrooms out, which could help paid for the mansion tax.

The cuts are affecting everyone and it unfair on services that need instainable for people with learning disabilities.

How could make NHS Better?

The group would like to see more specialist services for people with a disabilities. 

Give Nurses or doctors more training on peole learning disabilities and other more funding. 

For signs to be more bigger and use simple words for departments and give us a easy to read letter. 

The group would like to see more dentist get to right training with people with learning disabilities. 

A liase more with carer or support worker and parents when a person with a learning disabilities go for a appointant. 

We would like to invite our polictions to our freda fighters group and let us ask then questions on what happens to us give us a opportunity.

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