Hello and welcome to you all newbies.

I have a message everyone should come together and stand with one voice and say "Look we are all important has human being and our human rights need to be protected in every country in the world.

I was on social media a week or two ago they were having meeting about countries that that put people away with disabilities and made me think about Freda is comes very important to one and all human rights are right to life is a very important one to me means everyone is important to this world, our families and communities need to be. Supported to offer care in community.

Right private and family life should mean they live has a family not put in homes were they are institutions and ask yourself the children taken miles away from the families assessment units.

Everyone need to be respect regardless of faith or community and show love to one another.

I need to point out to you all that different is good not bad. Autism live had amazing fund raiser yesterday and I actually felt historical event all done through Facebook and YouTube it was live that learn some people who like write books they could be spreturm.

I can point people with hidden disabilities might need the necessary disabled toilet thre and then when not available it is very panicky and makes us not to want to go out and same with people autism.


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