Everyone votes counts to stop their cuts:

Happy New Year 2015

Everyone has the right vote in the general election. People with disabilities should have the right the vote every countries in the world. It is more important now then ever.

I want to see change attiduies towards eldery and people with disabilties for polictions to listen to us every sector of society.

I would like to see trolls to be jailed and stop cyber bullying it is needs to be challenge stop it and internet providers need to take it more serious.

In general all important more that accessible building and more biggers signs in hopstials and other public building they all make it law, for all company.

I need to see more being done in support serivices to help carers of adults and children with disabilties and see put forward the unsung heros.

I always try to write my blog with a lot of passion and it hate seeing people with learning disabilties getting things that wrong. I feel we should listen to more and goverment have a dutie of care to us and our families and not taking our money away from us or taking our clubs away because short of funding.

Weathspoons in city centre and people with learning disabilties are told they are not to be able to us the area for a disco once a month I feel that is wrong on so many levels because need to listen to because were they going to go now and other incident people attidudes are not changing to us.

Manchester Airport has changing area now being put in and it great seeing showing a example to all airports and want to see more places accessible toliets are made complusive.


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