Freda is here to listen

I have been attending a autism group run by merseycare nhs trust they have been brilliant a great of autistic together and we learn unique way. I feel a and settle in this group and we have form a strong bond with one and other.

I enjoy using my blog to promo different types of people and also believe in a way of communication. The world is full of people who think differently and unique to us all.

I would like to mention a person who do admire from a far is temple grandin her books such a eye opened to world of autism and speaking up behalf others. I would honour with most respect and dignity honour Freda fighter.

Has we all know our human rights are so important to us  all we do have travel anywhere in the world and public transport their has few cases that have to supreme court here in uk regarding wheelchairs users their space on the bus for then to it and mother and baby and pushchairs.

Tesco has introduction quiet hour in most it stores for people who have autism and dementia and indication a checkout for these of people.

Autism live is great inspire people who they are speak with a lot knowledge they are also honour freda fighter too.

Assement treatment units need to be look at in more detail set free the people who are autistic like Tinaze and Eden and feel then on Facebook.

I would like to see doctors and nurses and other organistation and more training in awarness of the condtion.


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