Freda helping others

Personal experience:

Over the past few months i have been going on a road of being creative and going to lovely a place to were i live have accepted me for me and i feel good for going to L30 million centre in nertherton to a class for art and crafts and tutor Kim is lovely and freda has been met wonderful there because of nice of the people.

Patient liason service:

one of members point out to us that is no easy read information on the service in the nhs and think it could apply for the rest of the world. The service deals with compliment from the public who have been in hospital and investigations it and just want to point this our to all of fun. Because it important to have this because it gives patients are a voice.

Edge Hill university near ormsirck:

Our group have been asked again to show our dvd to the nursing students and general nurses and LD nurses which is very important because want to be treat with most respect and dignity and in the world.

In the other news:

I have came across which i think it is important the nursing homes are being close to due to the funding for then and coucils around the coutry our old community need them also give then a voice.

The goverment in united kingdom want to scrap the human rights act which is so wrong on so many levels and we need to stand up to then. 

I want to mention aintree hosptial were i live for using easy read symbols on there web site because it helps a lot and give impression that going in the right direction. The Freda Fighters give then a thumbs up.

A lady who has a son tinaze in assessment unit and been there some time. I recently on facebook and lady was talking abut her daughter in same position and cannot has come from south of england to manchester to see her daughter in assessment unit and nhs don't even offer her accommdation or train fare that is really digusting. 

I watching a programme last monday nightt and the goverment are asking coucils around england and wales and scotland to cuts and there was a story that touch it didn't make sense in the beginging but it dose now he had a support worker for 14 hours and they cut it back to 7 hours the coucil and mencap who employment the support worker.

I recently weeks there was a story on north west tonight and flight from Ibiza to manchester coming home and the child was a disabled the lady in front want to her sleep and mum and dad stuck up for her.

In the united states of america in state of north Carolina Missora have open a quiet room for people on autistic and other disabilties think it is great idea and the get big thumbs up too. 

The story came across again on facebook was a young man being chased on the bus by girls because it he autistic and want to point this out no one should be bully.

Please feel free to leave your commets and remeber: 


Our group is always want to show our dvd to any community group if you think it is good idea e-mail us.


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