Stand up and be counted for freda.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen of the world who read my blog.

Over the past month our group has a been busy presenting our dvd to edge hill university and feedback has come back they would like our group to attend their service user for new nurses.

The united kingdom is in season of the Election were we all have right to vote. We all need to fight the goverment on disabilities issues which can effect us all stop then from taking our rights away making us feel like a second class citzerns.







Their has been a petition on the kevin healney page make sure you signed it because it has some good reasons stop cyber bullying from taking place and also twitter accredited and also the newspaper article of Denise Welsh and a katie hospkins and a to make her apolosige please can you sign the petition.

We would like see Freda roll out over the world were adults with disabilities need to be with families and people need to understand that we need to be loved don't locked us think about our needs should come home.

The way dogs are so loyal and heart warming the know how to look after people disability and comes from their unique sixth sense.

Help to bring a young man home in Fife from a mental health hospital is family really dose want him home. We need the more accessible toilets in hospitals and we need to NHS trusts and also we need bigger accessible signs and we need to get then in airports and public shopping centres.

Stop taking away our services and our voices need to come together and stand up for ourselves and don't let people do this and give us respect we deserve.


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