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Freda Fighters:

Our group has been going for one whole year now and first of all we discuss our stories with the staff at community focus team in southport in uk. The taught the princles that our group stands up for and believe in when you say it out aloud it stays with you take the first letter of each of word and then what happens that needs to be explain or other way is to sound the the first letter out:

F= Fairness
R= Resepect
E= Equality
D= Dignty

We used too meet every week so felt so strongly that the group decided on doing a DVD for the world to see and make people who don't quite understand people with learning disabilities to listen to us.

Our group gets invited to conferences at and to see head boss with in merseycare and you do a get a sense that your being to listen too. The staff we have are so amazing and extra caring that we come away feeling confidence after our meets, and we all became friends their are few characters that make up our group.

We meet up once a month now:

People come to us because need to help or advice on things do with human rights:


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