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Freda Fighters would like to thank everyone who took the time to read our Freda fighters blog we hope it has been useful to you.

On 17th September 2012 the Freda fighters came together community focus team in Southport. We asked has a think up some questions for their bosses that are base at olive mount.

we gave some feedback regarding our that we put forward., two members of our group and one member of staff was apart of of a sub working grouping. one of our bottle up feeling within the circle and link with then arrow, also decided on two cats having a conversations throughout the ACAT Therapy with you.

The group have was also asked to local university to give a Freda fighters what we stand for.

We all came together on 17th October 2012.

The meet with the trainee and the head of physiology have met at conferences and at other events to do with Freda Fighters and also leadership board.

Our DVD is fianlly ready "Stand up for ourselves and our human rights The Freda Fighters".

Why isn't the support given to us for health Appointment's?

A person who has a specials needs should a health needs assement and health passport where required to attend Hospitals, Appointment's and doctors and Dentists.

Why isn't there better communicate between communication education and health services?

The lack of communication makes us feel angry and shows no respect to us people or they take to our parnets or carers. They should talk to us listen to us calm.

We feel that a GPS should and Hosptials should have record our needs and communication by e-mail to the Hosptials and referrals we don't like waiting room with everyone they should separate waiting rooms with calmly affects.


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