Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen who come to my blog and enjoy reading it.

I wanted to share with you followers that i am autistic and dyslexic and try to write my blog with a point of view of human rights and standing up and being counted in the world web.

Just say want to say we get to the word out there Autism can be inspiring and inspirational on the planet and do enjoy reading temple grandin books and watch autism live and think they are amazing the way communicate to us video.

There is no need to lock us away because of disability allowed us to be a part of your community and allow us the education that we need and we meant need the extra support and process information differently to you.

1: Do need to get out there and access the health care all over the world and pass our knowledge on about our autism.

2: Allow us to express  our views has human being and we can be gentle and caring people if you let us.

3: When we were out traveling on public transport give us room to listen to music and look out of window and don't push us against the doors on trains because we are humans like you.

4: The right Education is very important we can proved you wrong in professionals world.

5: Our bonds are stronger than we let you believe and let our special interests be part of person and discharged because you to don't take it.

It is Autism awarness month and don't light up blue or gold instead of Blue.

I feel that healthcare professionals need better training in autism because we are left waiting in waiting room for a very long time we get very nervous and anixous and scared.

Hospitals staff world wide need to have training on autism and what i mean by that is to look out for autistic traits and see if there they any could do allow us to special waiting area with sensory room in all hospitals. We are very sensitive people who pick up on other people emotions and explain to us in a way we understand we out our letters to be bigger print or Ariel font.

We need to treat with most respect and dignity and talk through the proceduce and give us a chance to progress information and allow our relaxation tools to come in with us. We do sometimes like to stim and show that in many different ways.

Don't over medication us and stop locking us away from our familes. Allow our familes to have contact with us.

F = Fairness

R = Respect

E = Equality

D = Dignity

A = Automony


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