Freda in healthcare and hosptials.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen of the world. Everyone is included regardless of race and sex and disability.

Aintree Hospital:

I recently had an experience of going to aintree hospital. I had noticed the signs where the same and their was map to small for people with sights problems or dyslexia it was not clear where the clinics were and think it should be blown up for people to read used a colour code your picture next to it so people with autism and learning disability could understand. I like the improved where no smell of hosptial using the smell of coffee to patients to buy it.

I like the way decor has pictures on the wall and it is fast improved and you trying to patients are eased it is working it yours signs on the corridors are too small and when their information on the handout look at big text so the patient can read it.

Clinic F was the Early stages of Arthritis.

The staff are amazing the reasonable adjustments were made for me having autism and had notice they had a board where they tell you who is head nurse on and it helps and also puts you at eased and show me must up respect and dignity. I believe that had training in autism because it shown me that Freda was met with 100% scored. They had a beautiful fish tank which was relaxation to look at another improved by aintree to put patient in mindfulness state.  The seats where very comfort and noticed that was long to waited and had television but sometimes doesn't quite to people at eased.

Here is my little review of the DR Thompson who i thought was very caring and understanding and treat me has a human being and not has a number and asked me questions and mum and holly seated back if i got stuck answering then, i would let then explain. I actually do think they had training in autism because to their bed side manner was remarkable. Very experienced in his field and it prove to me that healthcare on point too.  I felt that a full MOT done.

The next door neighbour to the Clinic F was the radiology the waiting room had very nice and relaxing vibe their signs had slient improved to then. I had noticed change it around and look very nice indeed. Freda 100% per cent respect and dignity was up held to the hightest standard.

Freda would like to see Rimrose Valley to classed has nature reserve and because their are breeding birds of prey and herons by the canals and the ducks come back every year to the nests to breed their. Peel ports want to a road threw which would damage the this tranquillity place and shy lowen would also be affected and it unfair protest to the horses to loosing their home. Imaged the noise population it would caused too.

We all have a voice of not second class citxern in the news lately their has been univeral credit people waiting to 12 weeks for payment which i see has disgrace and digusting by works and pensions departments in goverment. People are loosing their homes and have to live out on the street and incases people have died.  Right to life is very important indeed.

We need to make the goverments of the world listen to us we protect our planet from Climent Change we need to stop hurts the elephants and other animals. 


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