Freda is not happy bunny this month

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I was very angry the way a college in Nothfolk was were auistic young man was dealt with over starting a course they blame on it on the adminstration error. That is unacceptable that is unfair on him and feel freda would not be very happy on this score.
I just one put it out there being different is ok and you have human rights too and we are not second class citzerns in society. We deserve the paid has everyone else not because our disability.

Wheelchair access where people take the place a were a person with wheelchair sits and makes me angry have seen this happen our roads and pavements need to lower,and give buses a lower to so a person can off safety and feel also disabled person and elder seats should be extened for first 6 rows back and make the signs bigger.

Hosptials signs and Gp Surgies need to look at the signal because not clear and still white backgrounds and make then bigger so people. Disabled people shouldn't have paid for in car parks in hosptials that is totally unfair.

I have also notice on the televison lately the women are getting paid less then men for the same job the reason why have a brought this up freda would not be very happy bunny.

People in society in our vunerable and support in the community and cuts are hurting most vunerable and disabled in our society and am not happy on know freda would not be happy.

I also think that we should all stand together on issues and make our goverments in the world make then listen to us we are not sitting back no more.

Peels port want to build road through rimrose valley which seaforth and throthron the people will be affect hnouse prices will drop and what makes me very angry is wildlife we are going our green space and it unfair on people that use it and the reason why add to this to my blog is people with disabilities might use that path way.

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