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I would like to say that have not been to good regarding my anxiety and haven't been online to much to wtite my blog.

The goverment in united kingdom want to stop the funding to learning disability and auitism forcum which is very there is canpagin no voice on the web and please to read it.

The goverment yet again want to benefits to take a way people cars in return they want to take our inpendent away condtions sifa bifa and arthrmis people who have mobility problems. I want to agrument to the fact to then is it fair on then to so they can save money they should be looking us because of dsabilties not taking it away.

I have would like to see more places with disabilties trying to speak up and people on buses their signs give your seat up if you have disabilty or elery people. I would personally give my seat for a older person. 

I often think people who are different need to given more opportunties in life and especially when we are feel sad and unhappy.

I would like to see more signs made bigger in hosptials and doctors notice boards to be more friendly and inviting not over the top.

Stop bullying canpagin run by a lady anna kenndy who is facebook standing up for people with auitism and kevin healney is also involed and think it is great.


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